Sales killers - those things we do, no matter how big or small, that make the customer walk or keep us from closing the sale. We pay a lot for crappy service everywhere - malls, department stores, auto dealerships, you name it. This program, suitable for any retail business, is designed to increase your closing ratio and increase customer loyalty. Price is not the issue - experience is.

Sales killers, one of Shane's many sales secrets.

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What do seminar participants say?

I have the foundation to start my career.
Extremely useful…wish our whole store could have been here
Excellent content! So beautifully delivered.
Kept me captivated and engaged.
Amazing and useful information.

“One veteran store manager told us that, ‘Shane puts a mirror in our face—shows us what we are—then gives us ways to be what we need to be!’ And, a young sales associate said, ‘Shane surprised me! He gave me several thoughts that I know will not only improve my sales but also my life!’…Thanks Shane for living up to your reputation and sending everyone (including us) home with enthusiasm for their opportunities and new ideas for successful selling!”

"Shane Decker's Ex-Sell-Ence sales academy has completely changed my business.…I trained my sales staff using Shane's Ex-Sell-ence DVDs, and when the store owner saw how much more effective the sales staff was, she asked me to take over as manager of the business. By following Shane's advice and instilling his sales mindset in my staff, I have watched closing ratios increase every month, and I have seen our gross sales rise to 120% of our best year. At Shane's suggestion, we have stopped discounting, and have raised our margins by 50%. I am now looking at over a 30% annual growth in the company, and none of that would have happened without Shane or his program."

Shane Decker has the distinct honor of being a Legends award recipient.

Lee Krombholz states, Shane has been a wonderful contributor to the jewelers in our region. This is a well deserved award! (from Mid-America Facebook page)

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