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How much is a 1-carat diamond really worth? "If retail jewelers can prove the true value of a diamond - and I say it’s a minimum of $100,000 - they won’t have to fall into the trap of discounts," says Shane Decker. "The secret of proving this value is in the sales presentation."

Join retailers who heed Shane’s message and sell 100 or more diamonds of a carat or more per year.

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    SMART Preview: Shane Decker On His Last Day in the Jewelry Business
    In this excerpt from one of his popular SMART Show seminar, INSTORE's sales guru Shane Decker tells you what he would do on his last day in the jewelry business.
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    SMART Show-Shane Decker Lunch Seminar-"Your Weakest Link"
    INSTORE's popular sales expert, Shane Decker, tells you how to strengthen the weakest link in your store in a sold-out lunch seminar at The SMART Jewelry Show at Chicago's Navy Pier on April 1, 2011.
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