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I’M ALWAYS AMAZED that when I ask audiences how many stores do one-hour sales meetings every week, it’s almost always less than 10 percent of those in attendance.

1. Each person on your sales team will have more self-confidence, which the client will see. That, in turn, gives the client more confidence to make the purchase. Your staff won’t see as many objections and they’ll close more sales because clients know your staff knows what they’re talking about. Clients won’t challenge their presentation as often.

2. Professionalism goes up. (Clients expect your entire team to be professional.)

3. Teamwork and T.O.’s will increase because your people trust each other. Seasoned people don’t like to team-sell with a new staff member because they don’t trust them, but if everyone is well-trained, they’ll work together like a well-oiled machine.

4. Your sales team will be able to answer questions and give the client accurate information. This is vital, especially if the client has researched the product online.

5. Your team will have the opportunity to role-play, which will prevent them from “practicing” on your clients. They’ll learn to handle objections, sell company benefits, close sales, add on, and call some- one in if needed.

6. Self-improvement creates a friendly environment. Knowledge empowers your team. The more they know, the less likely that they’ll come and ask a question in the middle of their presentation. If they keep leaving to ask questions, the client will think maybe they should talk to the person that they keep running back to.

Start with a one-hour sales meeting each week. Go in early and have an agenda to follow, whether it’s diamond knowledge, a new product, whatever. Practice handling objections and closes. Role-play. You’ll be amazed at how far your staff will come in a short amount of time!

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